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Big Beaver Portable Auger Drill
The Beaver works on the same principle as a truck mounted drill rig. However, with its modular format and compact size, it can get into places you could only imagine. The mast can be wheeled around the site on its16-inch tires in a lowered position (36-inches high by 26-inches wide) and tips upright to drill (80-inches high).

With its 450-pound weight, obstacles such as a steep slope and stairs are manageable with a simple pulley system and a few strong hands to guide it. For added weight, an anchoring system adds down-force as required.

The power pack can be attached directly for outside work or operate remotely on long hoses up to 100-feet away for inside jobs. Its 20-HP Honda engine helps produce 600-ft lbs of torque, with 3000 lbs of pullback force. All hydraulics are vegetable based for peace of mind in the event of any spillage. The Beaver is set-up to operate 41/2" solid-stem augers or up to 8" OD Hollow-stem augers.

This rig can reach depths of over 50-feet in the right conditions. As well, split-spoon sampling is available for a continuous core sample. For remote sites, the Beaver will fit onto two pallets for shipping or can even be shipped aboard a small plane.


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Big Beaver Portable Auger Drill