PLAN B: Special Landing Craft Brochure

RMSS Brochure

PLAN B: Our New Boat is a Workshorse

Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling has recently acquired a new workboat specifically designed for all things sediment and foreshore.

This Transport Canada certified 28 foot Welded Aluminum Landing Craft is equipped with twin 200hp 4-stroke outboards giving it a top speed in excess of 40 mph, yet can still maintain a very economical cruise.  This type of craft design has a 6' wide ramp at the front for driving our small drill rigs onto inaccessible shorelines and includes a flip out ramp extension if required.  

One of its key features will be a special A-frame (removable) mast that will be installed at the bow for Vibracoring, Ponaring and other required tasks. With a lift capacity of 2,000lbs and 12 feet of clearance, it will be sufficient for many types of sampling.  A separate 600 lb davit sits to either side for other tasks such as video, sonar or water testing.   The water pump system for decontamination is designed to run off your water of choice, be it fresh, salt or distilled.

One of the most exciting and cutting edge abilities we are looking into offering will be side scan sonar. With the capability of creating a bathymetric picture (underwater topographical map) our client will be better able to understand the sediment transport mechanisms thereby focusing sampling in the most effective/suitable locations. Please let us know if you feel this is something you could use. 

The enclosed cabin wil have GPS chart plotter, Radar , VHF radio, HEAT and HEAD.

Best of all this boat will be lightweight enough to trailer, allowing us to drive as close to a site as possible and not have to rely on local support.  

From initial site visits for underwater photo/video surveys right through the sampling phases all the way to implementation of the Remedial Action Plan and/or Risk Management Plan, our goal is to be part of your team.

The side view of the soil sampling  boat - schematic diagram

Visit our photo gallery page for more pictures.

Work Boat - Landing Craft