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Concrete Coring Equipment

Concrete Coring Equipment

With Vacuum Collection System!

Usually when you add water to a drilling system, it gets quite messy. Concrete coring needs water to cool the diamond blade and flush-out waste. In an effort to make this as neat as possible, we use a water collection system that surrounds the unit and vacuums up any spillage. This means there is no mess to worry about. Cores are available from 3-inch to 10-inch diameter.

For simple jobs, a 3-inch hole is all that is required prior to advancing a 2-inch split-spoon. In some situations, you may want to install a steel flush-mount cover for a monitoring well or hand excavate a bit for unknowns, in which case either an 8 or 10-inch core is used.

All floors are repaired with high-strength concrete to ensure no loss of slab integrity.

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