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Sediment Sampling

Sediment Sampling

Sediment sampling can be one of the most challenging environments to work in. So many fragile organisms and so much sensitive habitat. Soft slippery working conditions. And all that water!

With our hand-portable sampling equipment, we can walk on a soft shoreline at low tide, without sinking into the muck, and core down to over 20-feet, and also install monitoring wells.

Farther from shore, we can use our 30’ landing craft to advance boreholes in up to 20-feet of water using split-spoons and PVC casing. If needed, we can provide divers to collect samples as required.

We also have an Underwater Vibracorer system for use in deep water and larger core volumes. Foreshore, Low tide, Raft and Deep-water sampling, we can do it all.

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Whether you need to get sediment samples along a shoreline, in a swampy location, from a raft in shallow water or from a boat in deeper water, we have a solution for you.

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