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Environmental Sampling

Environmental Sampling
not a cleaner alternative for environmental drilling

Environmental investigations frequently call for soil and groundwater data at locations that conventional drilling equipment can’t access. Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling has developed effective methods to collect soil samples, install monitoring wells and vapour sampling wells in areas others can’t.

Need to drill inside a store at night, but allow it to keep operating during the day?

With our electric powered drills, we can get in do the job and get out, with no fumes, no hydraulic hoses or hydraulic liquid spills to worry about and minimal impact to the stock in the store.

Need to install wells in between houses?

With our Pionjar drills or, if hollow stem drilling is required, our Big Beaver Auger Drill with remote power pack, we can get into spaces as narrow as 26″.

Need to collect sediment samples in the middle of a bay?

Our light weight equipment means that we can advance boreholes in water as deep as 20′ by drilling from our 34’ landing craft or from light weight rafts that are easily towed.

Working in the environmental field is about more than equipment. At Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling, our crews are constantly aware of the impact that our work has on your reputation as an environmental professional.

Need to carry out confidential work, with a minimum of fanfare?

We can provide unmarked vehicles if necessary.

Need to work with difficult tenants or in an adversarial situation?

Our equipment can almost always find a spot that will be ‘out of the way’ and our crews will make every effort to leave the site cleaner than it was at the start. We’re polite and always courteous. It’s not company policy, it’s just the way we are.

We are always here to meet your unique needs, and unlike some of the competition, we will always be honest about what can and cannot be achieved. In fact, we’re the ones that are called upon to fix mistakes others have made, finish jobs they couldn’t complete, or find a real solution when others could not.

That’s why, when portable drilling is called for, Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling is proud to be considered the best in the industry.

Without a doubt, there is not a cleaner alternative

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