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Geological Exploration

Geological Exploration

For an exploration program to succeed, you strive to get as much of the right information as possible with the least amount of cost. Our portable drilling system is one of the best methods of generating preliminary results without having to build roads and additional infrastructure. A few small teams can walk across your property and retrieve 2-inch cores down to over 30-feet*.

This method has proven very effective for sampling overburden and surface soils in North America, and in the Laterites, Saprolites and Caliches of South America. Our systems have proven to be a cost-effective method of generating targets for your large drills.

We also have access to man-portable diamond drills. Please call for more information.

Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling employees have planned, set up and managed exploration camps in Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana, Brazil and parts of Africa. Please call to inquire about our expertise in the management of exploration camps and portable drilling solutions for geological exploration.


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