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Geotechnical Testing

Geotechnical Testing

Geotech surveys often need to be done in some of the most difficult terrain possible. With limited access and little or no support there is a real need for a light, ultra portable rig that can provide standardized values. Our man portable SPT / DCPT tripod is easy enough to transport by most conventional methods as well as by foot if that’s simply the only way in.

Whether it’s on a wind swept plateau or inside a parking garage next to the casino we have the solution.

Most of the projects we do require the ability to be flexible, luckily that’s our expertise.

Some common hurdles we encounter include low overhead, short work windows due to tidal influences, soft ground and lack of any way to get there except walking and climbing through dense forest.

We constantly receive calls from all over the world requesting information and our expertise, as such we have developed unique solutions for almost every situation possible.

Also see Equipment/SPT — DCPT tripod

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