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Vapor Surveys

Vapor Surveys

A vapor survey is one of the least intrusive methods of determining the extent of contaminated soil and groundwater. With our lightweight equipment, we can quickly advance 1 inch diameter holes to a depth of 5-feet and rapidly install vapour probes. On one large site we placed over 90 such pipes around the perimeter of a gas station in one day. You gotta’ admit, that isn’t bad at all!

This rapid installation of a vapour probe network using Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling’s portable drilling solutions allowed the project engineer to quickly determine the locations for further investigation. Our electric equipment makes a zero emission installation of an indoor vapour probe network entirely feasible also.

In many instances, Rocky Mountain Soil sampling’s portable drilling solutions can be more cost effective than conventional drilling solutions for vapour probe instillation. Why call for a big drill, destroying vegetation and impacting infrastructure? Put a vapour probe beside the planter, next to the parked car, pretty much anywhere the minimal setback dimensions are met for the drill. If we can stand at a location, we can likely drill there.

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