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Hydro Vacuum Excavator

Hydro Vacuum Excavator

Rocky Mountain Soil Sampling offers Vacuum Services for safely exposing underground utilities visually prior to drilling. No longer are you limited to trusting potentially inaccurate drawings or geophysical surveys.

Our trailer mounted Vermeer E550 uses either dry suction or high-pressure water to quickly evacuate and clear a borehole to depth. Its powerful 500 CFM pump and 550-gallon holding tank is ready to tackle just about any job. Hose extensions allow work to be completed up to 75-feet away from the unit.

Options available with this system include Concrete Coring, Jackhammers for asphalt cutting and Sampling tools for taking scoops along the walls of the hole. Cuttings are typically placed in drums on site or used for backfilling. This rig is available separately or in conjunction with drilling work.

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